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Following onsite assessments, and ongoing liaison with air quality and remediation specialists, Telford Homes submitted revised remedial strategy for the Wallis Road site. This strategy was reviewed by London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), London Borough of Hackney (LBH) and Public Health England (PHE).

We have been given approval by the LLDC to recommence full excavation works.

As part of our commitment to the minimise disruption to our neighbours, a robust schedule of air monitoring will be maintained throughout the works.

A series of passive air monitors are currently located around the site, at Mossbourne School and at two residential receptor locations. Three PID monitors are on the site boundary and a fourth PID monitor is on Wallis Road.

The PID monitors provide the site team with instant readings of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are used to assess concentrations on site against our adopted precautionary threshold. The results of the PID monitor located on Wallis Road will be uploaded daily on this page of our website. Further ‘real-time’ sampling of ambient air will also be undertaken as necessary during the works.

The boundary threshold that will be adopted for VOCs has been selected to be comfortably below human health thresholds and protective of ‘nuisance’ odours. It has been derived in consultation with the LLDC, who have been advised by ARUP, Public Health England and LB Hackney.

Air monitoring will help us to control site works and identify when pre-emptive measures to mitigate odours are necessary.

These measures include, but are not limited to:

- Reducing the size of the area being worked on
- Covering up the soil
- Temporarily stopping works.

The groundworks contractor, in liaison with our specialist consultants, will implement these measures as and when they are deemed necessary.

Below is a log of daily air monitoring readings.

The reports from February to March 2019 show readings during the 10 day work programme to successfully remove the spoil heap.

The readings from May 2019 onwards show monitoring during the excavation works on the site, which recommenced on 7 May 2019. Daily monitoring will continue during these excavation works.

If you require further information regarding the project please visits the FAQ’s page, you can also sign up for updates here.

For further information about the product being used to neutralise the smell at the site boundary, please click on the file below: LCH Material safety data sheet.pdf


14862RV - Concise monitoring summary, works 7 May to 4 Sept 2019, Version 2, AMP, 27-11-19.pdf

Air quality monitoring resumed on 18th November prior to the commencement of the remaining excavation works.

An engineer from RSA Geotechnics Limited is on site for the duration of active excavation works to oversee the independent monitoring of the air quality at the site boundary on behalf of Telford Homes. LB Hackney Pollution Control Officers are also on site frequently with engineers from ARUP, who advised LLDC on the remediation strategy.

Site monitoring during active excavation works includes real-time measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at the site boundary and on Wallis Road; this is to ensure that we continue to work within the agreed safe thresholds. The thresholds were agreed with LLDC, who have been advised by ARUP, Public Health England and LB Hackney, and there is regular communication between the monitoring engineer and the groundworks manager.

We will continue to assess the results of the air monitoring, and as before, the daily results from the Wallis Road monitor and the weekly passive tube monitoring will published on the Wallis Road website.

The monitoring conducted to date has been compliant with the remediation strategy agreed by LB Hackney and LLDC, with concentrations of key determinants comfortably below the adopted thresholds.


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