View the newsletter here: 190612 Wallis Road News 5.pdf

Telford Homes began construction works on 80-84 Wallis Road in late 2017. Initial excavation works in September 2018 resulted in the release of ‘nuisance’ odours. Since then work has been ongoing to develop a revised remedial strategy to minimise the impact of construction on our neighbours.

Following the development of a revised remedial strategy, works recommenced on site on Tuesday 7th May 2019. We have an air quality monitoring system in place which ensures that odours and emissions are kept below safe thresholds. This threshold has been agreed by LLDC and their technical advisors (Arup), and advice was sought from
LB Hackney and Public Health England. We are also employing an odour suppressant, to minimise nuisance odours around the site boundary.

Excavation works that have been undertaken over the last few weeks have predominantly focused on Block A of the
site. The next phase will be to move onto excavating Blocks B, C, D and E of the site. Works have been progressing well so far, and we anticipate that the excavations will not exceed 20 weeks.

We are committed to having a traffic patrol officer in place on site. One candidate from Telford Homes have been selected to fulfill this role and have completed all necessary training and DBS checks. We will have a traffic warden to marshal the Wallis Road during School starting and finishing times. LB Hackney are also currently undergoing a
hiring process to place someone local in this role in the long term.

The project team is committed to maintaining a safe environment both on and off-site. Our aim is to complete the works as quickly as possible to minimise the duration of any disruption from the works, while keeping odours to acceptable levels.